Home Decor HTML Template

Home Decor HTML Template

This Home Decor HTML Website Template is one of the best HTML Templates that inspires the architects to exhibit their work and attract more visitors on their website. This Template is highly suitable for those who know that Architecture is not just designing and constructing but it is a philosophy, a movement and a way of life that promotes meaning and connection in our world.

Home Decor HTML Template

Home Decor HTML Template is something in which Architects bring a balance between the Client and their own vision, even as remodeling a space into something that you can certainly call, your oasis. Dream Decor is more about bringing beauty in the environment which further brings with itself joy and happiness. Dream Decor is about transforming the space into an imaginative, thoughtful and compelling environment.

This DHome Decor HTML Template welcomes you with an awe-inspiring full-width image slider which consists of three different slides that look aesthetic on the home page. In the header of this Template, there is a neat and clean menu to navigate the rest of the section of your website. On the left-hand side, there is a logo area, where you can put your own logo. This menu is a sticky menu, which will stick to the header if we move to the next section of this Dream Decor HTML Template, this remains to stick to the top of the page.

The next section entitled "About us"' is the one where you can epitomize your work and designs. This section is specially designed to show how your work is different from others. What values you hold and what is the concept behind your unique designs. There is an awesome welcome text which contains an image and a short description. In the next section, you can display the services which you will provide to your visitors, in this section in which we have provided four blocks to display services, and in each block, consists of a unique icon and a short description about that service.

Then, on the home page of This Dream Decor HTML Template, there is a block for displaying your architecture and designs based on different templates like Artistic Apartment design, Homes with neutral colors, and creative interior design. You can modify this block according to your templates and ideas.

Then comes the beautifully designed counter block that highlights the number of your customers & clients, Number of projects done, the total number of employees & workers and the Number of machinery.

The next section of this Dream Decor HTML Template is about your services, your clients and your achievements. This section is important, as it serves as a basis for your visitors' judgment. This section is designed with minimalist symbols which makes it look clear and neat without any ambiguousness.

On the home page of this Dream Decor HTML Template, the next section is for displaying your projects completed. In this section, an aligned series of images are displayed which will make the site look more appealing to the visitors of your website.

Then comes the "latest blog" section on which an image along with the name of the writer, Number of views, comments, and the title is given. Blogs help the website to grow more rapidly. In this section of Dream Decor HTML Template, you can write about your ideas and concepts behind your designs and architecture. The blogging section makes your website more interactive and communal.

The client's feedback is a must nowadays. Any customer judges the services of any firm on the basis of their customer's feedback. This section is divided into two columns for the top two feedbacks of your clients, With the pleasing background image, your website will look much more appealing.

The contact page has an option of getting in Touch, which is uniquely designed in Dream Decor HTML Template, which helps you to connect with your visitors and customers directly. In this Template, you can add your available office address with the site so that customers get easy to find your work premises. With the google maps integration in, it will be very easy for your Interior design and Architecture visitors to locate your office or premises.


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